Groundbreaking research from Cambridge University reveals that…
A NEW BRAIN-BOOSTING SUPER-NUTRIENT Clears The Inflammatory Plaque That’s Silently WREAKING HAVOC On Your Brain Cells As You Age… and STEALING YOUR MEMORY                            
So now you can…
  • REVERSE cognitive decline and MEMORY PROBLEMS.
  • BOLSTER your brain cells and keep your mental connection tight.
  • PUMP your mind power with the fuel it needs for CLEARER THOUGHTS and MEMORIES.
Groundbreaking research from Cambridge University reveals that…
A NEW BRAIN-BOOSTING SUPER-NUTRIENT Clears The Inflammatory Plague That’s Silently WREAKING HAVOC On Your Brain Cells As You Age… and STEALING YOUR MEMORY                            
So now you can…
  • REVERSE cognitive decline and MEMORY PROBLEMS.
  • BOLSTER your brain cells and keep your mental connection tight.And So Much More...
  • PUMP your mind power with the fuel it needs for CLEARER THOUGHTS and

Do you see this photo?

Look closely…

Because even though it might not look like anything special…

These dark areas of the brain are "inflammatory dark plagues"

And as more plague grow as we age…

Your MEMORY or mental functioning starts to fade…

It may be fading right now.

…Leading perhaps to experiences like:

 Walking into a room and forgetting what you went in for.

Struggling to put a name to a face you’ve known for years.
…Or trying to remember important dates you’ve known all your life.

This "inflammatory dark plague" that grows in our brains as we get older is the reason why most American Scientists believe cognitive decline is inevitable with age.


Because this NEW super-nutrient discovered by scientists at Cambridge University is…

Transforming the cognitive decline of getting older into optimal mental functioning…

As you age, your mental functions slow down.

Both your thinking and your reaction decline.

But is it avoidable?

As it turns out, YES!

 You don't have to become one of those slow-lane drivers.

In fact, despite what you may have heard, cognitive decline is NOT inevitable.

What's more, maintaining your memory has little to do with genetics, and even less to do with drugs.

In this short report, you'll discover how a NEW super-nutrient is turning the tables on mental decline for thousands of people over 50.

Before I go any further…let me introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Johnathan, A Health And Wellness Researcher Based Out Of Toronto, Canada.
And I want to ask you a question:

Have you ever worried about your memory or feeling ‘foggy’ or slugglish in your mind?

Like you can’t remember things like you used to?

If so, then I know how worrying that can be.

From my 15 years of research…

I also know how hard it is to go through these changes.

That’s why stories of cognitive decline always break my heart.

I know exactly what it’s like to feel your wits dull and brain fog and slow thinking kick in.
…And your memory to fail you.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association…

Cognitive decline is VERY real.

About 15% to 20% of people age 55 and older have some degree of cognitive impairment….

The condition causes a “measurable decline in cognitive abilities, including memory and thinking skills.”

The condition usually comes before Alzheimer's and Dementia.

I see first-hand how devastating these diseases can be.
Imagine all your memories fading away?

First kisses, first loves.

The smile on your grandchild’s face.

People’s names you’ve known for years vanishing from memory.

All gone.

Faded to nothing.

Thankfully it doesn’t have to be that way because…

Scientists at Cambridge University and Penn State University have discovered a breakthrough in the battle to preserve and protect our brains as we age they are calling…

The ULTIMATE brain-boosting nutrient

According to researchers at Penn State University... and Cambridge University…

The vital key in the battle to preserve and protect our brains as we get older – Is something experts are now referring to as 
 “The Longevity Vitamin”…

Because this natural little super-nutrient has been PROVEN in dozens of studies to contain MORE brain-protecting power than ANY other vitamin or antioxidant known to man…

And the best part?

It’s something that anyone can add to their diet TODAY for less than a dollar…

John Hopkins University says...

This nutrient offers protection to cells that help prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's disease.
…has the power to restore crystal-clear thinking again…and literally turn the hands back on your mental clock.

Newsweek says...

The more people have this in their diet…the lower their incidences of neurogenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.
In just a few moments…

You’ll not just discover what this ‘longevity vitamin’ is…

I’ll share with you EXACTLY what to eat to start using this brain-boosting nutrient to repair your aging brain AND MEMORY.

You won’t need to eat organic foods.

…Or take a pill.

Yet you will be whipping your mind back into shape with this brain-replenishing food.

10 seconds a day is all it will take…in a simple morning ritual…

And you will be clearing away the damage that’s blocking you from having the razor-sharp memory and focus you need to live your best life where…

Instead of experiencing ‘senior moments’ and ‘brain fog’…

…Or worrying about becoming a burden to your family because they can’t trust you to be alone…or even drive a car…
You will have a natural tool to reverse the brain-destroying effects of plague build-up on the brain and feel as clear and focused as when you were 34 years old.

You’ll feel smarter and sharper than someone half your age.

…And literally cheat the aging and the decay that goes along with it for most people.

I know that all sounds a bit too good to be true.

And years ago it would have been but…

Ground Breaking Research has changed EVERYTHING…

Researchers have discovered our brains are naturally adapted to use this ‘longevity vitamin’ to clean and replenish brain cells on a daily basis.

Scientists have even found naturally occurring receptors inside our bodies specially adapted to absorb this brain-boosting nutrient.

If you’re over 50…your aging brain is right now…CRAVING this Brain boosting nutrient.

And I’d guarantee it’s not a nutrient you have heard of before.

It’s NOT Ginkgo Biloba

It’s NOT zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium or a probiotic.

…Or fish oil.

You won’t find it in any health food store which is why I know you are NOT GETTING it in your diet right now.

Yet when your receptors start to absorb this ‘miracle nutrient’ you will start to feel sharpness, presence, and aliveness you have not felt in years.

Up until recently…there has not been an answer to cognitive decline…

Online Brain teasers or puzzles were the only things on offer.

These are now proven to be totally ineffective at halting cognitive decline.

A lot of so-called memory supplements have gone the same way…and been disproven in their effectiveness.

They do nothing to help with your brain power and mental function.

So for years there was nothing to offer people to halt or even reverse their mental decline.

UNTIL NEW RESEARCH broke new ground in our understanding of how to transform and preserve your brain power as we age…as scientists discovered this…

Longevity Vitamin.

At that moment …


That’s why it’s my pleasure to share this new research today…

So What Is This Longevity
Vitamin Called?
 ‘Ergothrinine’ or ‘ERGO’ for short.…

It’s mostly contained in mushrooms that are predominantly found in Asia.

And don’t worry.

I’m not going to ask you to eat Mushrooms.

What’s really interesting though is…

Scientists have discovered our bodies have ready-made receptors for this miracle mental super-nutrient inside mushrooms...

Finding these receptors for ERGO was one of the first discoveries of scientists at Cambridge University.

It was intriguing…right?

I mean why would we have natural receptors in our cells specially designed for this brain-boosting nutrient found in Mushrooms?
Researchers were fascinated.

That’s why…

They pumped millions into research to find out why this brain-boosting longevity vitamin was so important…

What they found was shocking…

They found that Ergo was not just designed to be quickly and easily absorbed by our bodies…

But that it was one of the most vital compounds when it comes to preserving mental functioning as we age.

Robert Beelman, Director of the Center for Plant and Mushroom Foods for Health at Penn State University… says…

“Drops in ERGO levels are associated with cognitive impairment.”

According to other researchers at Kyoto University in Japan

“Deteriorating cognitive ability is correlated with declining Ergo levels”

A flood of new research from multiple studies backed up these findings of the brain boosting power of ERGO…

 “Ergo plays a role in preventing Parkinson’s disease”

Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry.

“Ergo is able to maintain a healthy brain cellular structure and prevent a wide range of diseases, including cognitive diseases like dementia.”

The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.

“Ergo has an anti-aging effect on the brain.”

Journal of Dietary Supplements

“Ergo may represent a new vitamin that offers protection to cells.”

John Hopkins University
In light of all this NEW evidence…

Scientists had to go one step further to find out how ERGO worked so well for preventing cognitive decline as age…

Years of intensive research revealed that…

ERGO is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man.

That means it can halt and even reverse many of the natural aging processes in the brain.

It’s natural to build up toxins or wastes throughout our bodies as we age.

…Especially in our brain.

These build up in the form of Amyloid Plaque.

It turns out ERGO has a built-in ‘clearing effect’ on this Amyloid Plaque build-up as we age.

ERGO can reverse the most damaging effects of the plaque that takes place in the aging brain.

How Ergo works exactly…

So you may be wondering…
Those dark areas in the pictures are Beta-Amyloid Plaque.

Which naturally occur as we age.

Beta-Amyloid Plaque is thought to be especially toxic and builds up as we age.

Levels of this naturally occurring plaque collect between brain neurons and disrupt cell function...

Some of the symptoms of Beta-Amyloid build-up in the brain are:
  • Confusion
  • Trouble paying attention and concentrating.
  • Reduced ability to organize thoughts or actions.
  • ​Decline in ability to analyze a situation, develop an effective plan and communicate that plan to others.
Ergo works by removing harmful Beta-Amyloid Plaque and reducing brain inflammation, allowing for healthy cognitive function.

Numerous studies back this up that Ergothioneine rescues Brain cells from Beta-Amyloid-Death.

According to the National Library of Medicine…

“Longitudinal Consumption of Ergo clears Amyloid Plaques”

Scientists now believe one the main reasons this Beta-amyloid Plaque build-up is because of the lack of ERGO…

Just take a look at this graph…

It shows a very CLEAR relationship between how much ERGO a population consumes and their levels of memory struggles later in life.

Could that be a coincidence?


But scientists now think there’s something deeper going on here where ERGO is preventing the build-up of plague in the brain...leading to a sharper mind and mental functioning as we age.

“Countries that have more Ergo in their diets, countries like France and Italy, also have lower incidences of neurodegenerative diseases, like Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's.” 

So what’s the solution

Should We All Just eat stacks of mushrooms?

Well, not so fast.

Eating mushrooms will certainly do no harm…but you will only get a tiny trace amount of ERGO.

…a fraction of the amount of ERGO you need to make any impact on your aging brain because...

The ‘Modern Farmed Mushroom’ contains a fraction of the ERGO needed to fight off cognitive decline…

Sadly, modern farming practices have depleted the Ergo in the soil that would normally infuse into mushrooms naturally many years ago.

The Ergo content of mushroom crops grown in the past was far higher than it is today.

But NOW, scientists know that consuming the right mushrooms that have been harvested in the right way in the right concentration…is the key to getting your daily needs of Ergo met.

We here at Vital Origins made it our personal mission to find the best mushrooms with the purest form of Ergothioneine to help people everywhere…

After years of research and trial and error and…countless studies, we finally came up with a unique combination of mushrooms that maximizes your daily dosage of Ergothioneine.

It’s called ErgoMax Longevity

And it represents the next generation in bolstering brain health and staving off cognitive decline.
ErgoMax is the breakthrough that finally makes healthy brain functioning an option for everyone.

And inside every drink, you will find extracts of 4 mushrooms known to contain premium quantities of organically farmed Ergothioneine.

So we maximize quantities of Ergothioneine…the key ingredient that can support your body’s natural brain functioning.

Even better, when combined, these ingredients can also help ease the inflammation that underlies many diseases.

Each scoop of this delicious fruit flavored 'brain boosting' nutrient can reverse memory loss every day from now on


And in a moment, you’ll see how you can try ErgoMax risk-free, at practically no cost so that you can:
  • STOP worrying about age-related memory loss.
  • STOP worrying over Alzheimer's risk or Parkinson's.
  • STOP feeling like you’re running out of mental or physical energy to do the things you want to in life.
  • And START living and enjoying your life, and eating delicious foods
Imagine giving your brain the fuel it needs to experience clearer thoughts and memories once again.

Imagine not having to worry about brain fog and poor sleep.

That’s what ErgoMax was designed to help you do.

What Health Experts Are Saying About ErgoMax Longevity:

ErgoMax Longevity is exactly what I choose for better long-term health, and it easily fits into my daily meals. I highly recommend it is mixed with some healthy flavors and consumed as a drink alongside any two of your three daily meals. To help lower the glycemic index of foods, try to time it for when you are eating starchy meals.

-Dr. Nicholas J. Sadgrove

ErgoMax Longevity is a carefully chosen mushroom formula that I recommend not only for its high quantity of ergothioneine but also for other compounds such as beta-glucans that are believed to offer additional health benefits. 

Cognitive decline, poor memory and learning, and brain fog may be reduced by using ErgoMax Longevity.

-Dr. Denys Tsveiuk

ErgoMax Longevity was formulated with specific mushrooms that are completely edible and highly concentrated in ergothioneine.

I think ergothioneine is particularly important because of its capacity to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, and a reduction of these two factors in the body is associated with positive health outcomes and a better health span.

Dr. Brett Melanson

ErgoMax Longevity is the only product we know of that maximizes the Ergothioneine content in your diet with an unmatched potent blend of restorative mushrooms to help with your:

Memory Recall

Breakthrough research is revealing how powerful this type of mushroom extract is for repairing brain function and rejuvenating vital cognitive processes. Memory is one of the areas most improved in clinical trials. Our extracts are formulated to target these important areas so essential to your wellbeing.

Cognitive Function

Supports cerebral and nervous system functions. Specially formulated to optimize immunity.

Numerous studies have identified a Nerve Growth Factor in ErgoMax Longevity. Each mushroom extract in ErgoMax Longevity is cultivated for promoting mental clarity, focus, and memory

Brain Inflammation

Behind some of the worst age-related illnesses is inflammation, causing vital functions to become unsteady.

Ergothioneine in ErgoMax Longevity reduces toxic beta-amyloid plaque known to lead to Alzheimer’s and reduces cellular inflammation that is known to lead to Parkinson’s.

Mood Enhancement

Eliminating toxins and lowering inflammation has been shown to reduce bouts of depression and anxiety.
These extracts are potent antioxidants and serve to encourage nerve connections and stability.

This could result in a far calmer and more focused mood.

Full Spectrum Brain Support

We’ve crafted our proprietary formula from whole food mushroom powder that includes fruiting bodies.

This provides holistic support to your body and wellbeing; from immunity support to nerve repair and antioxidants. All this serves to create greater harmony in your brain and mental health.

UNLIKE most mushroom supplements…ErgoMax Longevity contains absolutely no fillers, no soy, and no artificial colors…

Vital Origins has painstakingly formulated our ErgoMax Longevity Super Mushroom Blend with the highest quality ingredients.

We’ve ensured you are getting a mushroom blend that’s gluten-free, non-GMO, manufactured ORGANICALLY in a CGMP facility, and 100% free of fillers, antibiotics, or false promises.

And every single bottle is manufactured right here in the United States in our purpose-built certified organic lab in Utah and shipped from Colorado.

It’s a state-of-the-art facility that follows all GMP safety standards.

Finally, Nature’s Own Brain Health Answer Is Available In Your Kitchen Cabinet!

It doesn’t really matter when you take ErgoMax Longevity, just make sure you TAKE IT…

Because once you have this natural plant-based breakthrough in your hands…

It’s like you can instantly FEEL your mind and body energy levels growing and your thinking and recall improving dramatically.

Your brain fog can vanish.

Your focus will sharpen.

And once you give your brain the Ergothioneine it needs inside ErgoMax Longevity…your life can transform as you banish the blues and optimize your memory and cognitive performance.

You may even find yourself going back to activities you really enjoyed like finishing the cross puzzle again.
People experience an overwhelming increase in mental energy!

Mental Energy that lasts and lasts and actually stays with you… allowing you to live a long, healthy, wonderful life.

There Are Already Thousands Of People Across The U.S. Right Now Who Swear By ErgoMax…

And you’re going to hear from them in just a moment…

But first…

Let me go ahead and share exactly why this formula is so revolutionary…

And what makes it so incredibly unique.

ErgoMax contains the following organic mushrooms that are packed full of the Ergothioneine your brain needs to thrive.

ErgoMax Longevity Breakthrough Ingredient #1: 

Researchers have found that Maitake mushroom (Grifola frondosa ) ameliorates Alzheimer's disease-like pathology and cognitive impairments.

Known for its benefits in lowering cholesterol and improving cardiovascular health, it also influences the connectivity and durability of your central nervous system.
Maitake could help lower bad cholesterol, and improve artery function and overall heart health to lower your risk for heart disease. Additionally, the polysaccharides in maitake can lower bad cholesterol while protecting the good cholesterol.

ErgoMax Longevity Breakthrough Ingredient #2: 

According to Forbes Magazine:

A Singapore study has found evidence that the fleshy, spore-bearing, fruiting bodies of fungus could ward off Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).

6 types of Mushrooms were analyzed in the study. Shitake was one of those key Mushrooms.

It gives major support to your immune system and keeps your brain free of pathogens. This is done by regulating white blood cells and allowing your body processes to function as they are supposed to.

ErgoMax Longevity Breakthrough Ingredient #3: 

According to The results of a study published online in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease on 12 March 2019…there were reduced levels of cognitive decline in those who consumed certain mushrooms.

Oyster mushrooms were one of those mushrooms.

These are a great source of fiber, protein, and a variety of essential vitamins and minerals. They may promote heart health by lowering high cholesterol and blood pressure. A 2021 study found that Oyster Mushrooms improve gut health and the ability of your body to produce vital neurotransmitters.

ErgoMax Longevity Breakthrough Ingredient #4: 

Truly a powerhouse for lowering inflammation which has been associated with cognitive decline.

Tremella Boosts Learning and Memory by stimulating the superoxide dismutase in the body. This is a compound that supports cognitive function.

 Tremella has lots of polysaccharides, which are antioxidants that can promote nerve growth and support the brain. Studies have indicated that the anti-inflammation properties could further help those suffering from obesity or cardiovascular issues.

So Are You Starting to See What Makes ErgoMax Balance Formula So Unique?

  • Not only is it filled with powerful Ergothioneine that supports healthy brain function It has a great-tasting mixed berry-infused flavor. Is a high-concentration drink format that maximizes bioavailability.
  • And not only does it contain the RIGHT dosage of Ergothioneine that is supported by clinical research and science.
  • But it also has ingredients that INCREASE focus, stabilize mood, Reducing beta-amyloid plaque behind Alzheimer’s & dementia.

Within days, you should feel:

  • Calmer
  • ​Focused
  • ​More clear-headed
  • ​Alert and "present"
  • ​Energized and stable

ErgoMax Longevity's proprietary formula is brimming with potent extracts of Ergothioneine that immediately begin to repair and rejuvenate your mind and nervous system… re-igniting the brain power you enjoyed in your youth!

“High mushroom intake of more than 2 servings a week was shown to reduce mild cognitive impairment in those aged 60 and over.”
— Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease

Love this product

I have tried a few different 'super food' products and this one is the best by far. It's refreshing and my energy levels have increased in the last month which I am very happy about."
- Phoebe H.

"Great stuff"

I absolutely feel a change since I started to use ErgoMax. I have more energy and feel healthier."
- Paul B.

"I really like this product."

It gives me that extra security knowing that I am taking steps to care for my brain. I had never heard of Ergothioneine before but once I did my research I was convinced to give this a try. I also feel healthier in general - more rested and with much more energy."
- Randall G.

How Much ErgoMax Longevity Do You Need to Take?

That’s simple…

The Once-Per-Day Delicious Berry Drink Can Ignite Your Brain Power & Reverse The Cognitive Decline of Aging

People LOVE the amazing berry flavor added to a smoothie or just mixed in water.

Best of all, the Ergothioneine extract starts working instantly. You’ll feel an immediate difference and the benefits will continue growing each day you take it…

or your money back!

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Delicious & Easy to Take

Just take it once a day!

People LOVE the amazing berry flavor added to a smoothie or just mixed in water.

Our unique ErgoMax blend can be taken at any time, with or without food, or on an empty stomach.

Simply mix in water or your favorite shake.

We’ve made it easy, convenient, and delicious for you to nourish your brain with the nutrients it craves.

We wish it was easier for folks to gain access to this brain protection breakthrough…

Because as I’ve mentioned repeatedly throughout this report…

Our goal is to make ErgoMax Longevity available to everyone possible…

…Especially those who are 50 years of age or older and are looking to prevent cognitive decline…

And who’s been struggling with concentrating, forgetfulness, mood swings, or low energy for some time now.

Yet while that’s our goal…
The truth is that every single bottle of ErgoMax Longevity needs to be produced in a pristine, state-of-the-art organic facility…

Then kept fresh through a special, proprietary encapsulation process…

Only a few manufacturing facilities in the world are able to do…

It can take a very long time to produce every Single Bottle of ErgoMax Longevity because ErgoMax Longevity really works, and there’s nothing like it available anywhere else…

Pretty much everyone who tries ErgoMax Longevity keeps asking for more of the stuff…

Because they never again want to worry about the cognitive decline or having a foggy brain or forgetfulness.
ErgoMax Longevity is also becoming extremely popular with many in the health profession…

Which is amazing, but it puts even more of a strain on production.

Especially since it takes up to 3 months to custom-create each batch.

And as a result of the fact that ErgoMax Longevity is expensive to manufacture, takes up to 3 months to produce a single batch, and keeps selling out…

We Frequently Don’t Have Any ErgoMax Longevity Available for The Public
But that being said…

We also don’t want ANYONE to stay awake each night, worrying about their mental health as they age.

This is why…

If you want access, you’ll need to meet two simple qualifications first…
Criteria #1:
We don’t want ErgoMax Longevity to just sit on your shelf.

If you buy it, we want you to take it… and get the full benefits.

If you want to get true results, you need to commit to taking EroMax Longevity every day… rain or shine.

Criteria #2:
You don’t need to be a genius to know there are no quick fixes.
Real change takes time.

That’s why you must be committed to taking ErgoMax Longevity for the long term.

Customers who contact ErgoMax Longevity, say things like ‘my mind is sharper than ever before’
There’s nothing like the feeling of being in control of your future and your cognitive health.

But that great feeling of confidence and control doesn’t stop there.

The longer you take ErgoMax Longevity, the better you’ll feel.

That’s why we recommend you order at least a 3-month supply.

It’s the best way to make sure you always have enough ErgoMax Longevity on hand.
If you fit the two criteria I mentioned above, then you qualify for a special discount.
It’s the best way to make sure you always have enough ErgoMax Longevity on hand.

If you fit the two criteria I mentioned above, then you qualify for a special discount.

This Discount Will Automatically Be Applied, However, If You Leave This Page You Lose it Forever...
Demand is high for ErgoMax Longevity.

We have stock shortages all the time.

If you click the order button below now to find out we are out of stock, we apologize and you can try again another time.

Our mission is to help people who are worried about difficulty concentrating, cognitive decline, and forgetfulness,

People who have tried our product are calling ErgoMax Longevity a “Gift From God”…

And today, this is your golden opportunity to join them.

We know the tragedy of cognitive decline as you age.

We’ve helped thousands of people who were in the same position you may find yourself in right now.

We are on a mission as a company to change people’s lives by enhancing their brain health with one of nature’s brain-boosting miracles.

Here’s what they are saying:

"Tasty, easy to mix with water, without any mushroom taste or aroma."

It does not require a blender although I do use a shaker bottle to mix. The berry taste is light and fruity - the sweetness comes from stevia and monk fruit and NOT SUGAR!."
- Susan G.

 "I wasn’t sure what this MUSHROOM drink would taste like as I have tried others that were terrible - but ErgoMax Longevity is delicious!"

It really just tastes like berry, not too sweet, with no hint of mushroom! Personally I like to mix a scoop with more water than recommended because I don't like anything too sweet - I even mix it with sparkling water and smoothies. "

Those testimonials you just heard are only a few of the hundreds we receive each month about ErgoMax Longevity…

And you should know this all-natural mind-boosting breakthrough is only available on this website…While there are supplies in stock and I’m able to keep this report online.

The truth is…

There Are Many in Big Medicine Who HATE what we are doing…

They planned on making TRILLIONS (yes, trillions) of dollars off people like us as we grow old…

And they view ErgoMax Longevity as a major threat…

Something that could take away their private jets, their yachts, their exotic beach homes…

That could make them find a new career path altogether.

We are trying to fight these people (and their lawyers) off…

But it’s an uphill battle…

Which is why, if you’re here right now and there are bottles of ErgoMax in stock…
It’s vital that you don’t put this decision off.

Using Ergo Max Really Can Feel Like You’ve Just Found The Mystery Switch For long-term brain health…

Every day you take your ErgoMax Longevity capsules…

Is a day where you have the chance to be free from worry about losing your memory and sharpness and ability to function like you used to.

And when you consider that ErgoMax Longevity really was designed to help make all of this a reality...

You can probably understand why the Board of Directors was adamant that we set the price of this breakthrough at $249 per bottle…

Honestly, we think it’s extremely fair…

Especially considering how much it costs to manufacture ErgoMax.

And yet, while we know that we could charge $249 for a bottle of ErgoMax and we’d still sleep soundly at night…

This Isn’t About Making A Profit.

This is why if you decide to take action right now

And say “YES” to the scientific miracle that is ErgoMax…

You won’t need to spend $249 for a bottle…or Even $149…

And why instead, by taking action today...

You can order ErgoMax Longevity for $69 per bottle.

And That’s Actually Just the Start.

You see…

Because so many of the studies show that the longer you take EgoMax Longevity…

The more you could benefit from it…

And because so many people have been ordering multiple bottles of ErgoMax Longevity at a time…

That way they can share them with their family and friends as well…

Our team has created an even deeper discount program where…

Right Now When You Stock Up On 6 Bottles of ErgoMax Longevity You

Can Get It For As Low As $49 Per Bottle…

That’s a fraction of the price of competitors with an inferior product.

Smart people who see this amazing opportunity to protect their cognitive function buy more.

Select Your Package

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We Make It Easy For You To Support Your Brain Health

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Support Your Brain Health

Here’s what to do next…

After you hit the order button you will be taken to an order page. After you fill in your details there…you will be taken to an order form. Simply choose the quantity you want and you will be sent your ErgoMax Longevity within 7 days.

This is really important, and here’s why:

Every day we hear from folks all over the world who say that taking ErgoMax is like having your own army of ‘brain protectors’ … standing guard all over your body…Giving your brain the fuel it needs and protecting it from damage… Ensuring your energy is high, and watching over all your health.

And while I’m absolutely sure you too will feel the same feeling of relief, assurance, and confidence once you try this scientific breakthrough…

I also know that in today’s society of big promises and over-the-top hype…

Talk is cheap.

That’s why we want to put our money where our mouth is with our…

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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You’ll never want to go another day without this amazing brain-supporting breakthrough.
But if for any reason we are wrong…

If you aren’t head-over-heels in LOVE with your experience with ErgoMax Longevity

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Most Popular

3 month supply

 $59 Per Jar

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Give Your Brain The Fuel it Craves. And Feel The Difference INSTANTLY.

Most Popular

3 month supply

 $59 Per Jar

You Save $120

+ Free Shipping!
Total Price: $297


Best Value

6 month supply

 $49 Per Jar

You Save $300

+ Free Shipping!
Total Price: $594


Get Started

1 month supply

 $69 Per Jar

You Save $30

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Total Price: $99

Total Price: $69

We Make It Easy For You To Support Your Brain Health

Frequently Asked Questions

Your All Natural Cognitive Health Solution

 What ingredients are in this product?

ErgoMax contains 2.5g of Oyster, Shiitake, Maitake and Tremella mushrooms along with 250mcg of naturally produced, fermented ergothioneine extract.

 Does this product contain caffeine?

This product contains no caffeine.

 How often should I take ErgoMax Longevity?

Daily consumption is ideal to ensure adequate ergothioneine levels.

 When should I take ErgoMax Longevity?

ErgoMax can be consumed any time during the day. Many people prefer to consume ErgoMax Longevity in the morning to achieve peak cognitive function throughout the day.

 Are there real mushrooms in this product?

Yes, there are 2.5g of mushrooms in the ErgoMax Longevity Blend.

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